Yuri's Brush with Magic .by Maureen Crane Wartski .

2011 Next Generation Indie Book Awards Finalist


Praise for Yuri's Brush with Magic:

“...flows as easily as a slide down a sand dune. Unpretentious and authentic characters walk right up to the tough issues in life...” – Susan Reintjes, author of Third Eye Open

"... a lovely and multi-dimensional story about family, hope, love, and a little bit of magic ... This book would be a good choice for an elementary school book report, or a children's book club." -- Eden Manseau, Story Snoops

"...Yuri’s Brush with Magic will keep young readers and parents alike as enthralled as if Yuri were reading it aloud herself, for Maureen Wartski’s beautiful prose lingers in the mind long after the tale is done." -- Read North Carolina Novels, UNC Libraries

“Weaving Japanese folklore and contemporary detail into a thoughtful novel, Maureen Crane Wartski deftly handles her themes of family, art and forgiveness..."– Jacqueline K. Ogburn, author of The Bake Shop Ghost




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Maureen Crane Wartski was born in Ashiya, Japan, in a house by the sea.

A former high school English teacher, Wartski has authored fourteen books for children and young adults. She has won the prestigious Bank Street College of Education Award and two of her titles are on the California Department of Education's list of recommended reading in the category of Multiculturalism for the middle grades.

In her newest book, Yuri's Brush with Magic, Wartski addresses the challenge of multigenerational relationships, the creative power of art, and the respect due all beings on the Earth, with a distinctive and elegant prose that she has honed over many years as a professional writer, teacher and storyteller.

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From Our Readers Mailbag:

"Sadie has been writing stories nonstop -- ever since she read Yuri's Brush with Magic. I don't know if it is because Tammy [the heroine] is a writer, too... but Sadie is writing, writing, writing. There are loose leaf pages all over the house!".-- Hunter, Mom of 10-year-old Sadie, Raleigh, NC.

"We had been having trouble getting my daughter to read for pleasure. Then we decided to read a chapter of Yuri's Brush with Magic together at bedtime. I would read a few pages, and then she would read a few pages. Back and forth. This is the first book ... my daughter said, 'Mom, can we read another chapter. And one more..." . -- Deb, Mom of Rae (8), Chapel Hill

"I very much enjoyed this book because it contains Japanese folklore and has a very intriguing plot line. I like fantasy, legends and myths, so for me this was a very good read. I very highly recommend this book." -- Ben (11), Chapel Hill, NC