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We publish highly imaginative books that spark the creative imagination of children in a loving way. Our promise is to strengthen children’s connection to nature and to foster a sense of wonder, hope and possibility. Because books are born of trees, we seek to use recycled papers in a way that is environmentally responsible and respectful.

Sleepy Hollow Books is a member of the Green Press Initiative.

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Amy C. Spaulding

Founder, Sleepy Hollow Books

My childhood memories are of books.

We didn’t have lemonade stands as kids—we had book sales. My sisters and I would drag a bookcase down to the street and sell books to our neighbors. (Besides, who would buy lemonade from a kid on Hemlock Drive?)

I grew up in a town called Sleepy Hollow. The Headless Horseman was our high school mascot. We lived a stone's throw from Sleepy Hollow Cemetery and down the road from the Old Dutch Church. Every day, the school bus carried me over Ichabod’s bridge. Daily life was steeped in lore, and I grew up breathing the air of magic and possibility.

My first paying job was reviewing children’s books for my Dad for a quarter.  At STAR magazine I was a "copygirl." I tore copy from the AP wire and faxed pre-publication stories to the lawyers. From there, I headed South to Duke University where I majored in Russian, and earned a Masters in Slavic Linguistics.  I later worked in hospital arts administration.

My greatest adventure began as a parent. My son, Nick, attends a Quaker school in Durham. My husband, Joe, is a professional chef and an avid record collector. Our dogs, Seamus and Gonzo, keep us laughing.

Sleepy Hollow Books begins with my intention to provide hope for children by creating books they love.  Tell me about the kinds of books you'd like to see your child reading—or send me your manuscript. I look forward to hearing from you.

Amy C. Spaulding

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